Using softwares as a tool for increasing speed and accuracy in different fields of building industry is in concern of structural engineers. In recent decades, structural designers owned various analysis and design softwares, so enough ability has been created for building industry in this regard.

But there is less background in software development for creating structural drawings based on results of structural analysis and design, which is known as the final product of building design industry. Despite available structural automatic drawing softwares, it feels yet there are many improvement aspects lacks, like increasing speed, control of design codes in bar bending specially according to latest codes and standards, independency on other CAD softwares and so on. So considering on resolving some of these disadvantages and improving of software capacity in automatic creating of structural drawings, Omid Negar is developed.

Omid Negar is a software in structural engineering field for creating structural detail drawings (Beam, Column, Shear Wall, Columns Plan, Beams Plan) automatically by receiving output of structural design software (ETABS), considering all codes and standards, with notable speed and simplicity, builds arranged drawings of structural elements exactly based on drawing standards and helps the engineer in making structural detail drawings.